Are you wearing the right makeup colors for your skin tone?

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Have you ever been told what colors you should or should not wear? Take the quiz below to figure out what colors will flatter your coloring!

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1. Look at the inside of your wrist. Can you see your veins? What color do they look?

A. Blue B. Green C. Blue and Green or cant see veins

2. What color are your eyes?

A. Blue/ blue green B. Green or hazel (greenish brown) C. Brown

3. What color is your hair?

A. beige or ashy blonde/ cool or ashy brown/ grey-silver- white B. golden blonde/ golden brown/ red C. black


  • If you got all A’s, cool tones are your jam. You can rock blue like nobody else! Stick with blues, greens, violets, silver, and all those icy cool tones as well as black. (Colors on the right side of the color wheel pictured below)

  • If You got all B’s, you’re a warm girl all the way. You can paint your face up like a sunny desert day with plenty of bronzer. (Reference colors on the left side of the color wheel below)

  • If you are all C’s, you are the lucky ones! You can simply wear whatever colors you want and rock them all. We hate you. Just kidding! ;)

  • Combination of letters- This is where things get more technical. The basic rule of wearing warm or cool colors comes down to your skin tone. If you see blue veins on your wrist, you will look best in cool tones. If you see green veins you will look best in warm tones. If you see both or see no color, you can wear both warm and cool.

  • If you are both warm and cool or a combination of A’s, B’s, and C’s, and you want to know what makeup colors to choose, you can go off of your eye color. Using the color wheel below, find your eye color. Now what is the color that is directly across from your eye color? For example, my eyes are brown with a hint of green. Directly across from the dark greenish brown color on the color wheel is a deep blue violet. When I use colors on my eyes with a violet base, it really makes my eyes pop! You can also use the color of your eyes or colors in the same family (the colors directly around the color of your eyes on the color wheel) for your eye makeup and clothing. Next to the browns on the color wheel are pinks and golds and I love to wear those as well.

  • Lip stick and blush can be tricky. Let’s say you’re wanting to choose a red lipstick. If the quiz says you should wear warm tones, you want to find an orangy red rather than a violet or blue-ish red. For blush if you’re supposed to wear warm tones, use a peachy, golden pink, or coral color. If you’re a cool toned lady, use a berry or plum colored blush. Our friends at Ulta or Sephora would be happy to help direct you toward warm or cool toned makeup colors.


Complementary colors- Complementary colors are colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel. These colors “compliment” each other, meaning that they look great together.

Examples: If you’re wearing a hunter green sweater, wear violet toned makeup to make that sweater really flatter you. Do you have super green eyes? Try a bold red lip and watch how the red on your lips pulls out the green in your eyes! If you have gold toned hair or even some caramel highlights, try adding some royal blue into your life. You will be amazed at how pairing these colors together can really trick the eye. It’s like having a built in instagram filter. haha!

If you’re totally confused any you need some help figuring this out, just message me with your answers to the quiz and I’ll help you. :)

Now that you know what colors you should be wearing, I’m pretty sure you have a free pass to go purchase a new outfit or at least some new makeup! ;)

Happy shopping!


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