Makeup Do Not's


Being in the beauty industry, I often notice common makeup mishaps. Makeup should be used to enhance your natural beauty but when applied incorrectly, can take away from your God given gorgeous features. Here are some makeup mishaps that I frequently come across.

Eyeliner on the bottom only.

The purpose of eyeliner is to bring out your eyes. You can make them look bigger, make them “pop”, and make them look dark and sultry. When eyeliner is placed only on the bottom lash line or water line, it drags your eyes down instead of lifting them up, making them appear droopy and bottom heavy which can make the brightest of eyes appear saggy and tired and I don’t think anyone is trying to go for that look. When applying eyeliner to the top lash line only, you make your upper lashes look thicker and heavier and therefore magically making the eyes appear to be more open. Putting liner on both top and bottom lash line/ water line can really make the eyes pop and stand out. No liner at all accompanied by mascara also makes the eyes look bright, youthful and doe eyed. See if you can see the difference in my eyes in the photos below.

Too heavy on the bottom, almost making eyes appear to be upside down.

Too heavy on the bottom, almost making eyes appear to be upside down.

eyeliner on top and bottom (6).png
No liner, just shadow applied in outer corner of upper and Lower lash line.

No liner, just shadow applied in outer corner of upper and Lower lash line.

Upper eyeliner not touching lash line

When putting liner on your top lash line, there should be no gap between the liner and your lashes. As crazy as it seems, I do see this a lot. Eyeliner is not a crayon to just color on your eyelids with however you please. Like I said above, it is a tool to accentuate your beautiful peepers. If you don’t have a steady hand or your eyelids are aging and it’s hard to get an even line of liner, you could try lining your eyes with eyeshadow and an angled brush or invest in a smudging tool to help you smooth out your liner after applying. Matte shadow colors like Filly, Trust, Cole, and Salem are great for using to line your eyes. I highly recommend this angled brush for all your powder liner needs as well as for filling in your brows with powder brow filler. Not sure what color of liner is right for you? Read below for my eyeliner color recommendations.

Eye color Eyeliner color

brown black, brown, dark brown, charcoal

hazel dark brown, brown, charcoal

blue dark brown, brown

green dark brown, brown, amethyst, dark green

These are simply my recommendations and obviously you can do whatever you want. I always prefer dark brown liner over black for anyone with the exception of liquid liner. If you like to play with a lot of color when dolling up your eyes, refer to my blog post, “What colors are right for you?” This will help you know what colors will complement those baby blues…or browns… or greens. Ha!

eyeliner on top and bottom (7).png

Eugene Levy brows

I know you’ve all seen the ladies with sharpie eyebrows. Sometimes I even feel that way when filling in my own brows. It’s important to always look as natural as possible when filling in your brows. Start by going to a store like Sephora or Ulta and trying on different shades of the brow filler of your choice. I prefer brow powder like Brow Pow by Benefit cosmetics. Trying on different shades will help you figure out what color looks the best on you. Then, if you don’t want to spend the amount that Sephora /Ulta products cost, take a pic of the shade you liked and try to match it to a drug store product. Light strokes over your brows are so much better than heavy, thick, magic marker swipes.

eyeliner on top and bottom (16).png

Your face doesn’t match your neck

Whatever shade of foundation you choose should effortlessly blend into the skin on your neck. The neck is usually a bit lighter than the face because your face tends to cast a shadow onto your neck and thus keeps your neck from getting much sun exposure. Finding a foundation to match your neck may mean that your face will look washed out and ghostly and that’s why contouring and/ or bronzing are key to achieving a healthy looking complexion. I use Maskcara Beauty IIID Foundation. It is an easy to use highlighting and contouring foundation that provides your skin with different shades of foundation to accentuate your skin’s natural highlights and shadows.

If using traditional foundation, it’s always best to figure out what color is right for you when in direct sunlight. I can’t tell you how many times in the past Iv’e been “color matched” at Ulta or Sephora under the department store florescent lighting only to realize that I looked like a spray tan gone wrong when in outdoor lighting. You can take home samples of multiple colors and either try them on in front of a sunny window in your house or even in the car. This will ensure that your makeup looks correct in all lighting. No orange lines of demarcation between face and neck. ;)


I hope you found this helpful! As always, please feel free to message me any questions you may have about these tips or about your own makeup routine.