Amanda's makeover

If you haven’t yet heard, I sell Maskcara Beauty makeup. No, we don’t actually sell mascara. The name of the cosmetics line is a play on words. You see, the creator of this company is named Cara and she has a beauty blog called “Maskcara”. Get it? Mask- Cara. Because her name is Cara and she’s a makeup artist. That’s where the name Maskcara Beauty comes from. Aaaaanyway, I LOVE putting this makeup on people! It just brightens everyone’s skin, making them look lit from within. Youthful, glowing, and lively. I think those are words we’d all love to hear from people describing our skin. ;)

Here is my sweet sister Amanda’s makeover. In the “before” pic she is wearing her own eye makeup and lipstick. I did her highlighting and contouring foundation, blush, and filled in her eyebrows.

She has such great skin and looks amazing without foundation but I love how contouring her face just made her come alive. I don’t know how else to describe it.

On Amanda I used:

Moonlit highlight

Ash contour

Black Cherry blush

Pearl Illuminator

On her brows I used this angled brow brush and Brow Pow by The Balm Cosmetics in blonde

Happy Makeover Monday! Until next week,