Lashes for days...


I get asked all. the. time. about my lashes. Yes, they’re REAL, but I’ve had a little help enhancing them.

In the last 5 years or so, I’ve really noticed a change in my lashes. I’ve always had naturally long lashes but I’ve noticed they aren’t as thick and long as they used to be.

I came across an eyelash enhancing serum called Babe Lash and decided to try it out. After just a couple of weeks of using it every night, I could tell a difference in my lashes and others were noticing as well.

Several of my clients have also used Babe Lash serum and their lashes appear dramatically longer and thicker!

I am so happy to share this little beauty secret with you because I also have a special offer for you as well! Because I love Babe Lash so much and am confident in the product, I have partnered with them to offer my friends a 20% off promo code! Click HERE to go to the Babe Lash website and use promo code: AMOTHERINSPIRED for 20% off your order!


As a beauty blogger, it’s important to me to only recommend products that I actually love and believe in so it excites me so much to get to partner with this company and help you all get a discount on a great product!

Happy Friday, friends, and happy belated valentines day as well! Have a safe and happy weekend!

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Disclaimer: purchasing this product gives me a small commission. Think of it as me getting paid for doing the research.